Fabulous to be Fearless

It has been nearly 2 years since I ran the London Marathon and slowly it is becoming clear that I cannot ride on the coat tails of the glory of that feat forever, or can I?  Towards the end of 2011, I made a mental note-to-self that in 2012, I was going to have to push my body and mind a little bit more again. I hadn’t managed to secure a marathon entry since that day in 2010 and I just kept missing entries for other races throughout all of last year.  I could no longer use this as an excuse though, as mentally and physically things were starting to get a little saggy all round and that would just not do. So I followed the advice of one of the many inspirational quotes that I love to read that goes something like ‘not waiting for the perfect conditions to do something, and to just take an opportunity and run with it’, and decided to enter the next run I came across.

Lo and behold pretty much within days of making that decision, I came across an advertisement for a half marathon that was in its 2nd year and was going on right in my neighborhood. Wow, talk about getting what you ask for. Without any thought to the fact that I hadn’t run over 6 or so miles in one go in the past year – the pace of my life in 2011 was just ridiculous leaving time for nothing more than stolen 3-milers twice a week – I entered the race; didn’t even think about the fact that actually I had just 6 weeks to get zoned. And certainly no thought was put to the fact that I needed to buy new running shoes and it was really on the wire as to whether I had enough time to buy and break them in. But it was too late, the decision was made, time to just do it.

So now its 4 days until the race. I have put in as many miles as I can for 4 mornings a week for the past 6 weeks. The longest training run I have managed to squeeze in is 10 miles but I figure I could push another 3.1 on the day. My beautiful new Nikes are as well acquainted with the shape of my feet as they can be.  I have even found a cause close to my heart that I can raise funds for.  I am nervous of course because I am not sure I am as ready as I should be.  The route apparently has some ‘challenging hills’ – that sounds ominous. MP3s are not allowed; the only reason why I tolerate hills is because the music  on my iPod blocks out the pain and pushes me up and over! But I figure I have done 26.2 miles and experienced pain worse than childbirth (by the way I had just gas and air and pethidine too late to have any effect) before, so 13.1 miles with hills and no music should really be no big deal right.

So I think I can still ride on the coat tails of my 26.2 mile feat of 2010; as,because of it, in 2012, it feels just fabulous to be fearless in all that I do!


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