The Flat Belly Diaries: Week 1, Day 1


As per usual, my alarm goes off at 530am. Although it has been my habit to get up at this unholy hour for a few years now, being an early bird isn’t actually in my nature. I am by definition a night owl. When the clock strikes midnight I come alive. This modus operandi served me well for 34 years…then I gave birth to a healthy, springy, baby boy who had sleeping issues. For about 3 years, I rarely slept for more than 4 hours in a row. Neither did he, but it didn’t wreck the same havoc in him that it did in me. Of course, his sleep pattern has now aligned itself with that of a typical primary school boy – can’t wake up for school during the week, but can bounce out of bed ready for action at 630am on a Saturday. Meanwhile mine is showing no signs of any such recovery. So what this means is that I rarely sleep deeply and my eyes open at around 5am…EVERY MORNING. Whether my body wants to get out of bed or not, my mind is wide awake, with amongst other things, auditory hallucinations of a non-existent baby shouting at me for milk, or water, or my all time favourite, to discuss his mouth that feels yucky…wth…

Anyway I digress. The point is I finally gave up fighting my rudely reset internal alarm clock and started making (good) use of my ‘extra’ time. The early mornings have now come in handy, as becoming a working parent means that the notion of having 24 hours in a day is really just one bad joke. The pre-dawn period turns out to be great for writing, though like today, 1am seems to be the preferred time for this activity – I’ve clearly not fully given up the fight. Most importantly, mornings are now ideal for getting some ‘me’ time in whilst running or working out; the days of after-work gym sessions are now long gone, seeing that I now actually prefer and enjoy hanging out with my little buddy instead, especially when his fabulous child-minder has picked him up from school, fed him yummy Indian dishes for dinner and done the reading/spelling, leaving us to thrash it out at Justice League or him to sword fight with his Daddy, before we proceed to the obligatory debate about why he has to go to bed.

However, back to the point, the alarm on my SIII crescendos starting at 530am and about 20 minutes later, I’m dressed ready for Day 1 of the Flat Belly Diaries.



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