The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 1, Day 4

I get to the gym for the first time this week. As usual, I have to squeeze it all in…tightly…between dropping the child off to school and getting to work. And when I say all, I really do mean all – a decent work-out, a shower, a little sauna, and getting dressed, all in about 45 minutes. I have to, if only to justify paying my monthly membership fee – believe you me every time I go, I am going to get my money’s worth. I suppose I could cancel my membership, and I did, a few years back – between work and motherhood, it just wasn’t working out at all. But I missed the variety that using a gym added to my work-outs. So I rejoined about 3 years ago – around the time the child started to sleep through the night, and life seemed to be getting back to ‘normal’…

Since I rejoined, I have had to accept that long leisurely work-outs, any classes, and 30+ minute saunas are confined to weekends (in between mandatory chores and birthday parties). During the week, when I get there, it’s got to be short, sharp, swift and on point. I also now prefer morning workouts – it clears my head so I can process the vast range of stuff that blasts my brain in any one day. So I have had to just get more efficient with the time I have.

Fortunately for me, in the last few months, one of the gym personal trainers, Hannah, gave me an ‘absolutely delightful’ exercise routine that I can do in 30-40 minutes, and come out feeling like I’ve indeed got my money’s worth. She gave me a programme of just 6 exercises and 5 stretches and basically I can do all of them in one sitting, or just tag on a pair after a run, or do 2 pairs when I’m really tight on time. Hooray for me!

My absolute favourite is the battle rope. Basically with this exercise, you hold a thick long rope by the end in each hand and move your arms up and down, or in circles to create waves and give your arms the work-out of their lives.  You rest in between each round The high intensity interval style really burns fat apparently and works our beloved core. I love the battle ropes as something about using them is… so much fun! Here’s a link of a video that demonstrates how to use them:

So here goes Day 4…



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