The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 1, Day 6

ImageSaturday! I can have a lie in…of sorts, and I don’t have to rush my work-out, or anything else for that matter – well not so much. I want to have a long leisurely run then get to the gym. First though, need to get over the usual mundane Saturday chores in time for my weekend staple of attending to the little person’s social calendar – today the main event being, surprise, surprise – a birthday party. I was warned by several folk about the alarming frequency of these occasions, but nothing prepared me for this. One month with 5 Saturdays, he was at 7 parties with 2 on opposite sides of the city on the same day. The best advice I got on the matter was to set a maximum limit on what to spend on a present and to shop on line. And, I always ask the mothers what their little people actually like to play with as opposed to what I think they should be playing with. Otherwise you would basically go broke over the whole matter.

Unfortunately today, the rest of the household get up too soon after I do and proceed to delay my departure meaning I am running late and have to split the run and the gym into 2 sessions. Sigh.



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