The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 2, Day 1

0530h the alarm sounds and this morning I have no hesitatation in promptly turning it off and rolling back under the duvet. I’m exhausted. Chaperoning my little buddy to his first school disco the previous Friday night after a ‘long’ week at work, followed by his cousin’s ice-skating birthday party on Saturday where I fell over more times than I care to remember, ending with his class-mate’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon has totally finished me off. This morning I have essentially lost the will to live, let alone run…in the rain. No way. So I will just have to pay a visit to the work gym later.


In the changing room I start chatting with a woman who had also been working out at the random time of 3pm on a Monday afternoon. We talk about the circuits we had just done. Turns out she also has toning and abdominal issues. She’d spend the last few months training for the Berlin marathon and gradually stopped doing weights and core work as she was so focused on running. We gush about how exhilarating it is to finish a marathon and how electric the atmosphere is. Before long though and in true female form, we launch into a good ole’ moan about how we miss running on a summer’s morning, the size of our butts, how to find time to work-out properly, how unfair it is to have to consider rationing cake portions though thankfully we don’t, how rubbish the showers are in here, how much stuff we still have waiting to do when we get back to our offices, etc, etc. Finally dressed, we introduce ourselves. It turns out that she is a crucial manager in my organization; we’d communicated intermittently on email for the past 2 years but had never met.  This little tete-a-tete of ours is going to make one aspect of my job a whole lot easier! Thank you God for dragging me away from my desk, for more reasons than one!


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