The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 2, Day 4

Last night I made a decision to go for a morning run – not a lunch time, not a random mid-afternoon, but a-mor-ning-run. It feels like a while since I have and I kinda miss it, even though it’s good to mix it up every now and again. Nothing beats running in the ‘still of the morn’…well ‘sort of the still of the morn’ – this is south of the river after all. Today the emails will wait until I get into the office.

So 530am, my alarm goes and up I get. No rolling over this morning. Peek outside the window, and even though still dark, I can see it’s going to be fresh, clear and crisp  – perfect. Get into my morning ritual of wandering around aimlessly for a few minutes putting myself at risk of being distracted, followed by reading time, then I’m ready to rock and roll.

In the living room kick off with:



Minus the 10 minute run as at around 600am, I get my iPod on and Marvin Sapp, Ragz CV, Chris Brown, Ricky Dillard, Jeff Bradshaw and I are off for an intense fat burning session:



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