The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 3 Day 1

bnr-week3This week is the first of my Little Buddy’s 2- week half term school holiday. Theoretically, with no school runs, 1 week out of the office, and a full 24 hours at my disposal, I can work out as much as I want for as long as I want, whenever I want. So I kick off the proceedings with…the mother of all lie-ins. I mean, I wake up at the crack of dawn as per usual, but realizing I have nowhere I have to be, I just, well, stay in bed. I meditate on the Word, read my current book, browse and poste on Facebook, read the news and drift back to sleep. A couple of hours later – I think – I am awakened by my Little Buddy and his Dad bringing me breakfast in bed. Half asleep, I eye them up suspiciously; I hadn’t heard any loud bangs or crashes and there was no smell of smoke, so, what’s going on?

They proceed to tell me how I need to rest and that I can stay upstairs for as long as I want. Why, thank you for permitting me to do so I think to myself. So, so sweet! I enjoy my breakfast fully – now that means I can’t run for at least an hour, so I read a bit more and sleep a bit longer.

Eventually I get out of bed at 1pm! Head downstairs to check out what The Team is up to. They barely acknowledge my presence. Just as well there is little interaction and no demands made, as I feel dreadful; my body is confused and protesting vehemently about the enforced sleep. Regardless of how rubbish I feel, my head tells me ‘maaaan, that lie in was gooood! From past experience, in a situation such as this, the only thing that will align body and mind is some fresh air. So at 143pm, I get geared up for a run. I don’t actually feel like it, but as we runner’s know, there is a special kinda high that comes when you resist that voice that’s telling you not to do it because it’s too hard or too cold or well too whatever. And with how I feel, I absolutely need a fix.

In all honesty, I actually wanted to turn around and walk back home within the first 5 minutes – that’s how yucky I felt. Come to think of it, sometimes, even when I don’t feel yucky, I want to head back home within the first 5 minutes, so really I just had to stop whining and get it over and done with. By the time I get to the interval runs, the endorphins got me singing/humming along, out of tune, to my iPod, and 45 minutes later, I am back home.


I bounce back into the living room and declare that I am ready to rock and roll. The Team, yet again, barely acknowledge my presence. So, so sweet –  I can do my FB workout in peace!



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