The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 3, Day 3


Today we have play date no. 2, so it’s a morning work-out for me.  I definitely won’t have the energy after a day in the city with 2x 5 year olds. It’s raining outside – ugh. I’m really not feeling rain today. It’s weird, when I was training for the marathon, I would run in any kind of weather – I did ice, snow, sleet, even hailstones. Lately though, I seem to take issue with running in anything that remotely falls short of a clear, sunny morning. Summer 2013 was just so spectacular and raised everyone’s expectations, forgetting that this is, after all, Great Britain, and rain is the order of the day.

Anyway, due to my rekindled love affair with the big lie-in, I don’t wake up in good enough time to drive to the gym either, so it’s going to have to be ‘The Living Room Work-out’ in 30 minutes max, before the rest of the house wakes up.





Towards the end of my circuit, I get a whatsapp message from Little Buddy’s Play Date No.2’s mummy saying they can’t make it as the baby brother is not so well. Hmmm…better come up with plan B fast because some people love their leisure activities…sigh.



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