The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 3, Day 7

This week is a big week for the FB Diaries: it’s a Child Free Week (CFW). Like every parent, I love my child in a way that cannot be described. But I do believe that this kind of intense love should be frequently affirmed by time out for both parties, especially when one is lucky enough to have parents that have transformed into the most accommodating grandparents ever. Other trusted family members and friends can also facilitate!

I always have these grand plans for my CFWs – I get about 4 per year. In reality, very few of my well laid plans are completed as I invariably end up working late, spend time on the phone talking to said child several times a day (as well as catching up with friends and family) and talking about said child to anyone who will listen. Then towards the end of the CFW, I’m going round in circles preparing for said child’s big ‘home-coming’. This time round it will be different though as the FB Diaries have presented me with a new purpose…thank goodness.

Today is Sunday – I rarely head to the gym on a Sunday. Usually, after church, it’s home, Sunday lunch, down time for the week ahead and homework. However, now that I am on this mission to reclaim my abs and have time on my hands, I will flip this routine round. So after church, it’s straight to the gym.




I substitute the run at the end with an interval session on the cross-trainer. I’ve been using the treadmill more in the last 3 weeks with this FB workout as it just seems easier to hop on one for the run, instead of spending 10 minutes getting dressed for a 10 minute run in the cold. What it’s made me realize though is how much I hate the treadmill. There is nothing as dull as running on the same track of rubber, going nowhere, seeing nothing. And to top things off I’m sure the whole thing has aggravated an old hip injury because that piece of rubber offers no support whatsoever. Boo and hiss to the treadmill.

Today the FB workout is done in 20 minutes exactly so I think another 20-30 minutes worth of workout will do me just fine.



I call this one the Body Blast Circuit as basically it’s about using the body instead of weights to offer resistance during exercise, creating so called bodyweight exercises (BW). This link has some good reasons why BW exercises work –

In actual fact the FB workout itself uses BW exercises. This particular routine I do today works all the major muscle groups and with it’s intensity, burns serious fat as well. You can add weights to BW exercises  to increase the resistance.

One of my favourite moves is the shoulder press standing on an inverted BOSU ball – which is half a stability ball that can stand BOth Side Up.  Some days I do about 10/15 minutes of exercises standing on that half-blue ball as its sometimes called: bicep curls, squats, side bends, combinations, whatever. Trying to keep your balance works the thighs and cores LIKE CRAZY without a lunge or sit-up in sight! Apparently, there is some evidence, based on a series of exercises performed by all of 12 men, that using the BOSU ball does not increase muscle efficiency. The burning in my thighs however always refutes the results of this clearly well conducted, statistically powered and widely applicable study.


(image of squats on BOSU ball taken from Treble In The Kitchen blog,

About 45 minutes later I’m done. I savour the luxury of stretching slowly without watching the clock, and spending however long I want in the steam room – it as after all, the 1st Sunday of my penultimate child-free week of the year.


2 thoughts on “The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 3, Day 7

  1. Thanks for posting our workout! How are you finding the Challenge? Are you a member on Feel free to drop me an email if you’d be interested in getting yourself and your blog more involved with us at Tribesports!

    • You are very welcome – your workout came at the absolute right time for me and 8 weeks in I can see my abs again! I am not a member actually, but I will drop you a line.

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