The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 5, Day 1

Monday mornings. For the most part I tend to face them head on, starting with a run, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Like today. I’m gonna have to change my attitude at some point though because the diary this week is not looking pretty; there’s a high chance today may be the only day I get any exercise in, so I dutifully take my running kit to the office.

Sure enough I don’t come up for air until around 345pm. While the going is good, I head out for what turns out to be a pleasant 20 minute run. On my way back to the office I bump into one of my favourite colleagues:

She (in lovely Irish accent): ‘You haven’t been out for a run have you?’

Me (in my running gear and grunting like a wild hog): ‘Yeah I have’

She: ‘Rhoda you’re mad’.

Me: ‘You think so?’

She: ‘Yes I do.’

Cue howls of laughter.

This is why we work so well together.


Finish off with the FB workout at the work gym minus the 10-minute run. It feels like I added an extra set of crunches somewhere though. Check the clock and don’t have enough time to shower, finish off a couple things and get child. Reluctantly I ditch the shower, sprint back to the office, work for another 20 minutes at lightning speed with windows wide open, then dash to pick child up. When we get home, said child will just have to sort himself out whilst I wash – he can open the fridge and his eyes are at kitchen counter level so…


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