The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 5, Day 7

Sunday morning, and a fine fresh one at that, means that at last I can get my workout on in some decent weather. Jump out of bed and before anyone stops me, or something else gets my attention, I head out of the house to the gym.


After nearly a week off, God help me not to go over the top and make up for lost time in one day. Last time I did that, my back seized up, and though I recovered, I can’t presume that I will get away with that happening again – at 5 years older.

Kick-start with the FB Workout followed by a 35- minute hilly run. Oh how good does it feel to run after a week’s rest.


Back at the gym and true to form I can’t help myself, and do a 20- minute body blast workout in the gym with the battleropes, weights and bar bells.

The best part is that as I have no where to rush to today, I can actually relax in the steam room for as long as I want. In steam room, end up on the receiving end of some long discussion about the pontifical politics of the modern day church. After the long week I’ve had, I uncharacteristically stay well clear of voicing my thoughts on that issue. I need TIME OUT!


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