The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 6, Day 4


Today is going to have to be a rapid-fire session at the work at whatever random time I get a window. That time turns out to be 1220pm. It’s actually quite busy with at least 10 people bumping into each other over 2 treadmills, 2 step-up machines, 1 bike, 2 rowers, a free weights station and stretch area. Quite frankly it’s a party in here, and in line with the festive mood I think I’ll sweat it out with some cardio.


At the end I decide to tag on a quick 5 minutes of free weights. Whilst doing shoulder presses, another gym member suggests that I try doing them whilst sitting on a stability ball, and instead of just pumping up and down, to extend my arms out then up. Fortunately, I’m one of those people who actually don’t mind people butting into my work-out, if it’s going to add to my experience. And usually it does. He proceeds to tell me that because he does some mountain climbing, he needs to strengthen his shoulders, and this variation works a treat. It must do because I actually huff and puff to complete 10 of them, whereas I could usually do 20 no problem.

Some how or another we end up talking about retirement…I say out loud that I personally can’t wait to retire.  He asks tongue in cheek how many years I have to go, to which I respond, ‘theoretically 25 years’. He snorts, responding that he has 7. Show-off!


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