The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 6, Day 7

ImageSunday morning and I’m sad to say that yet again, the cold weather has defeated me; I’ve simply lost the will to get out of bed. I must be pretty exhausted as even end up having an afternoon nap. Wake up feeling quite yucky – a yuckiness that can only be fixed by cake or a workout. Yes diametrically opposing solutions, but life can be seemingly contradictory like that at times. Essentially, what I need is something – anything – that will make me feel better.

I opt for a workout. Leave my Team to get on with homework. They protest.  I’m not at all moved, and as soon as they realise this fact, they simmer down.


So on the lunges I’m using a10kg barbell. It feels a bit light but I decide to carry on anyway. One of the personal trainers catches me –

He: ‘Your weight is too light.’

Me: ‘Yeah, it does feel quite light.’

He:  ‘Why are you using it then?’

Me: ‘I don’t really know’.

He gives me a blank look then we both start to laugh, because I now have no option but to go and exchange for a heavier weight. The burn in my thighs with the last set of lunges is horrendous, but not nearly as horrifying as the fact that at 830pm, it’s now too late to go and wind down in the steam room. Sigh.


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