The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 7, Day 5

Friday. I wake up to the realization that I’ve had just one work-out this week. With my Little Buddy having a play date with his besties tomorrow and the rest of the usual weekend goings-on, its not clear to me how I will get another session in before Monday, unless of course I get up at 3am  – which is not going to happen. Today is therefore D-day.

Little Buddy intuitively knows his mother is on a mission today. He gets up earlier than usual, so the morning routine is smooth for all parties involved. We get to school at least 15 minutes earlier than we normally do, meaning I can probably do a 40 minute workout before heading to work. Oh, how I love this child.


I substitute the 2nd round of 20 squats with alternate leg lunges, and the run with alternate high/low intensity intervals on the rowing machine. Total time today: 17 minutes, an all time record…

I’m doing good for time so I add in a power circuit that works basically everything including the cardiovascular system especially when the rest between reps is no longer than 30 seconds.


Dead lift with upright rows (

deadlift upright row womenshealthmag

Squats with barbells

Barbell_Squat_Women_2Tricep dips (

bench-dipsfitnessand freebiesI love the abs pull down below. A few years ago I saw this huge bodybuilder guy doing it. I’d never seen it before so I just had to ask him to show me how regardless of how huge he was.  Crunches and sit-ups can be just plain dull, and inefficient. The abs pull down looks wierd to do, but works the upper and lower abdominals really hard!


Check the clock and it appears I don’t have as much time as I thought. Sprint downstairs to shower and get dressed. Still hot and bothered after the shower, so have to blast 2 hairdryers set to maximum speed, and cold temperature, all over me whilst getting dressed. We really need to get to grips with air-conditioning in this country…


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