The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 8, Day 2

Didn’t get my act together in good enough time for a morning run, so it’s a lunchtime session at the work gym. Get in at 1250h and its heaving – there are at least 10 sweaty people in the same predicament:- we’re going to be falling all over each other today.

Warm up with the FB workout, mixing up the squats with lunges – 10 squats followed by 10 lunges for a total of 40 and 30, as well as adding an extra set of crunches at the end.


Instead of running at the end, I think I’ll do a circuit of supersets with the rower – it’s not my favourite cardio-machine by any means – it’s really by a process of elimination that I have to use it here. The cross-trainer in this gym is so old and stiff and jerky, as is the bike, that they both become very annoying to use. Otherwise, I quite like the cross-trainer. The treadmill can be quite dull as for me when it comes to running, it has to be outdoors. The step machine is even less inspiring, so that leaves the rower.

Warm up – burpees 3 sets of 15

2 sets of each pair:

Upright rows – with 7.5kg weights x15 reps

1 minute rowing


Lat pulldown x 15 reps

1 minute rowing


‘Kettle bell’ swing –using 10kg weight x 20 reps

1 minute rowing


Tricep dips x 20 reps

1 minute rowing

That’s me done @1335h.


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