The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 9, Day 1: The Final Week

Dont give upIn actual fact, week 8 should have been: The Final Week. But seeing as I managed just 1 workout in 7 days then, it didn’t really qualify to be: The Final Week. So going to give it one more try…

It’s a ropey start to my grand finale as I miss the morning workout – got a bit too absorbed with checking my mail. So that leaves running over lunchtime – except that this being a Monday, lunchtime doesn’t quite materialise. So…that leaves sometime between leaving the office and picking child up – a very tall order but it HAS to happen. The universe hears my plea and at something to 5 (no time to know exactly what-to-5), I find myself all done and dusted with enough time to squeeze a quick one in.



10 minute run


15kg barbell on the squats

extra set of 10 bicycle crunches

30 superman backlifts at the end




Nothing would feel better than 10 minutes in the steam room after this, but with 20 minutes to cool down, shower, get dressed and drive 10 minutes to get child, the maths just ain’t adding up, so I just have to be content as is.





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